At Covenant, students have the opportunity to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ through connecting with God, each other, and our community. We believe spiritual growth happens best in relationship with others. That is why the word "connecting" is so important. We create safe environments for kids to make those connections in worship, small groups and service together where they know they are not alone.

Covenant Student Sundays

Students Connecting with Each other in fellowship

Each 1st Sunday of the month we fellowship together. All are invited and we encourage students to invite their friends. Events include: color wars, trips to Eliada Corn Maze, fall festivals, Christmas and Super Bowl parties, lock-ins, water days and more!

Students Connect with Our Community through serving

2nd Sundays we serve in our community. High Schoolers serve the Haywood Street Congregation. Middle Schoolers serve through the Room in the Inn program. We strive to serve relationally through partnerships so our students understand they are walking alongside our brothers and sisters in need.

Students Connect with God through large Group Worship

3rd Sundays we engage in student-led worship, Biblical lessons, prayer and communion together. We are often joined by other local churches. The intent is to be introspective and inspirational, guiding students in their journey for relationship with Christ.

Students Grow in Their Connection with God, Each Other, & Our Community through small groups

4th Sundays we meet together as small groups hosted in the homes of Covenant families. We offer 5 different groups: 6th grade, Middle School Boys, Middle School Girls, High School Boys, and High School Girls. They are led in spiritual discussion questions based on the Sunday morning sermons.

Parents learn How to equip their kids & students for connecting with God, connecting with each other, and connecting with our community. 

5th Sundays we offer seminars for parents of kids and students. Guest speakers tackle issues that will help parents teach child to be more like Christ. We cover topics such as service, teen culture, issues pertaining to sexuality, and more.


Josh Headen is the Students' Pastor at Covenant Community Church. If you want to reach out to Josh, please visit our Contact page.

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