At Covenant,

we seek to walk alongside families, helping provide a foundation of faith that will be with a child as they grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. We provide safe, age-appropriate learning opportunities for children to connect with God through worship, connect with each other through small groups, and connect with our community through service. 

Connecting with God

Covenant Kids connect with God through large group worship, age-appropriate biblical teaching, prayer, and learning activities that connect God's word to daily living. 

Connecting with Each Other

Covenant Kids connect with each other and caring adults through small groups where they dig into God's word, talk about faith and life, and have fun together. 

Connecting with our community

Covenant Kids connect with our community, practicing mercy and compassion, through age-appropriate family and kid serving opportunities.  

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Ginny Allison is the Children's Pastor at Covenant Community Church. If you want to reach out to Ginny, please visit our Contact page.