Students in Small Groups

Small groups are the life blood of Covenant and this is true for our students as well. We have carefully and intentionally created groups that best suit the needs of the students that are in them. These groups will pray, explore scripture, wrestle with life, fellowship and serve together. 

"...small group is the best place for sustained life change to occur. In a small group, people study God's word together and are in a safe enough environment to discuss the issues and challenges of life. It's also where they pray, care for one another, and are missed if they don't show up." - Andy Stanley

Small Group Expectations

One of our priorities is creating a safe space where all students can feel welcomed and cared for. While we also focus on growth and service, we believe that students having fun together and simply spending time together can help foster an environment of trust among their peers. 

Be Together

Grow Together

We value both grace & truth and know that students need both in order to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. We worship and pray together as well as read and study scripture. Our leaders lead by example in their life, both online and in person. Students follow the same sermon guides as adults in hopes that parents and students can have meaningful conversations about what they are learning on Sunday nights. 

Serve Together

Small groups are encouraged to be involved with the service opportunities available through the church at least once a semester (once in fall, once in spring). Ryan, our Students Pastor, and Bob, our community connections representative, work together to plan and communicate those events.