Walk Through (Assimilation)

Step 1: Observe

We realize that we're one of hundreds of churches in the Asheville area and that you will probably shop around a bit before you choose a place to really dig in. In fact, we want you to do that. Our hope is that you feel welcomed and loved here during that process. 

Small groups are where we really shine, but we realize you probably won't spend your first date with us in such an intimate setting, so we hope you'll visit on a Sunday. On Sundays, we are more like a large family reunion than a concert. Everyone plays a part. It feels like family reconnecting and celebrating together. People will probably introduce themselves to you and ask your name. 

When you're ready, we leave it to you to take the next step...

Step 2: Make yourself known

Our mission at Covenant is Inviting all people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. As a Church, we want you to grow. There is a possibility that you may grow a little just sticking to Step 1, but there is much more likelihood of growth if you go beyond that. We value real connection and know that, just as God himself exists as a relationship of three beings (The Trinity), we need relationships to grow to be like Him and have a better relationship with Him. 

We leave this step to you because we want you to be sure about starting this growth process and we don't want you to feel pressured. We are constantly inviting but want you to wholeheartedly accept the invitation into the growth process by responding.   

When you are ready, there are multiple ways to make yourself known:

  • Introduce yourself to someone in Connection Corner. They will have you fill out a card (if you haven't already) and either Pastor Rich or our Director of Connections will contact you. 
  • Attend our next Exploring Covenant class. We offer these classes twice a year on a Saturday. They are a great way to get to know a little more about the church as a whole and to meet others who are at the same step you are. 

The weekend after Exploring Covenant, we will have an event called GroupLink designed to help you take the next step...

Step 3: Join a Small Group

As mentioned before, small groups are where we really shine. That's because real connections are made that lead to growth. Our Small Groups are designed to help you connect with others in our congregation through fellowship, study, and service.

  • Groups value having fun together. We believe relationships are built when people have shared interests and, most of the time, we find out those interests when we're having fun together. 
  • Groups value studying scripture. Study can look different in different groups. Some of our groups use a guide based on the sermon series to study together while others read a book together or listen to a video series. 
  • Groups value serving together. Each group decides on a community partnership they would like to be involved in and serves together on a regular basis.
  • Groups value praying and caring for each other. Needs arise within families and your small group will be there to help you get through it. Likewise, there are often times for celebration within families and your small group will be there to celebrate with you.
  • Groups value guidance and accountability. Jesus led with grace and truth and we believe that in order to follow His example we need to try our best to do the same by guiding you in your growth and holding you accountable to your next step. 

By observing, making yourself known, and joining a small group, you will have become a part of our congregation. If you would like to take a step toward official membership, please have a conversation with your small group leader. Just like in a family relationship when it comes to work, school, chores, etc., our hope is for you to not stop here. We want you to be a part but we also want you to...

Step 4: Play a Part

One of the things that makes us like a family is everyone working together to play a part in our mission. Our hope is that once you have accepted the invitation to grow and have joined a small group, you will then in turn, play a part in helping others do the same. There are several ways you can play a part: 

  • Sunday Morning Welcome Team - Parking, Greeters, Welcome Desk, Coffee, Ushers
  • Sunday Morning Production & Response Team - Set-up, Sound, Lights, Slides, Communion, Prayer, Tear-down
  • Sunday Morning Children's Team - Check-in, roamers, room assistants, rockers & huggers
  • Sunday Evening Student's Team - Set-up, Sound, Lights, slides, Food prep, Tear-down
  • Wednesday Evening Small Group Childcare - Check-in, room assistants
  • Fellowships Team - Set-Up, Food prep, Decoration, Greeters, Clean up, Tear-down

This spiritual gifts assessment can be used to help you find out where you would best fit.

Step 5: Go Deeper

You've observed, made yourself known, joined a small group and are playing a part in helping others do the same, but there's still something telling you there's more. You have a desire to know God more and to study on a deeper, more intimate level than your small group can provide, but you would like guidance through the process. Talk to your small group leader about a discipleship group. 

Discipleship groups are made up of three people and are designed to help pin-point changes you can make and disciplines you can start to help you grow closer to God. These groups last for about 12 weeks and we encourage you to go through the process as many times as you feel the need.

Step 6: Guide Others

Guiding others is something we invite you to do once you have completed the previous five steps and want to take on a leadership role. There are several areas where you may be invited to lead depending on your spiritual gifts and the openings we have available.

  • Children's Ministry Team
  • Student's Ministry Team
  • Welcome & Fellowship Ministry Team
  • Worship Ministry Team
  • Small Groups Ministry Team
  • Community Connections Team
  • Communications Team
  • Church Council