Welcome Team


Coffee/Communion (Description)

This is definitely a background job. People love you for helping provide their wonderful morning joe, even if they don't tell you! And, you are a part of setting the Lord's table for weekly communion. You basically rock.

First Service - Set-up

Arrive at 8:00a.m.
(You can arrive later the better you get at preparation!)
Make Coffee - Instructions are provided in the Kitchen and training will go on for as long as needed.
Join Us for Prayer & Morning Rundown in the Kitchen at 8:30a.m. (you'll most likely already be there). 
Cut Bread for communion. Gluten Free and French Bread. (Instructions are provided in the Kitchen).
Pour Juice into chalices. (Instructions are provided in the Kitchen). 
Prep the Coffee Bar in the Lobby with coffee, cups, napkins, stirrers, creamer, etc. 
Put Bread & Juice on Communion Tables and be sure to uncover them before the service starts.  
Check the Coffee Bar on your way out after the first service to make sure it's tidy and items are refilled as necessary. Thank you for serving our Covenant Family!

Second Service - Clean-up

After the Second Service,
move the coffee canisters back into the kitchen and clean them. (Instructions provided in the Kitchen).
Put Coffee Supplies back under the coffee bar.
Clean Communion Plates & Chalices and leave to dry.
Make Sure the kitchen is wiped down and clean. Thank you for serving our Covenant Family!

Email shonnie@cccasheville.org with questions or for more info.