Jul 26

New Study! The Bible for the Rest of Us

June 28 | New Study! - The Bible for the Rest of Us 7:00PM • Worship Center & Homes Join us for a 5-week study on the Bible. We will learn about major themes and tips for studying the Bible more effectively. There will be opportunity to join in at the church as well as from home. No childcare provided.

12:00 pm12:00

Students Trip to the Mall

Drop your kids off at the Asheville Mall food court and pick them up at Barnes & Noble at 3pm. Bring enough money to eat at the food court.

Jul 28

Vacation Bible School

Imagine a world where curious kids become hands-on inventors, who discover they're crafted by God. Mark your calendars for Maker Fun Factory VBS on July 24-28. Kids will discover they are created by God and are built for a purpose! Email ginny@cccasheville.org for more info or to volunteer.

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12:00 pm12:00

Small Group Year End Fiesta

Celebrate another season of successful small groups with a   fiesta! Come with your small group or, if you haven’t joined one just yet, get to know the groups we have here at Covenant.

10:00 am10:00

Women's Fellowship + Potluck Brunch

All Covenant Women are invited to a day of fun and fellowship. We will gather at Covenant for breakfast and then have several fun activities planned for you to choose from.

Activities Include:

Crochet Pocket Prayer Squares - Suzy Evans will lead a group in creating small squares with a cross in the middle that are used for people in hospitals and nursing homes to know they have been prayed for. (Basic crochet skills are needed. Participants will need to bring solid color yarn - size J, crochet hooks, and scissors. Free.)
String Art - Led by Bridget English & Michelle Weinmann
Come join us as we make a string art project that will look great in any room in your home. (All supplies provided. A great project for anyone, including moms and daughters! Free.)
Stitching - Julie Bagamary will lead a group in stitching a fabric postcard. What fun to get a small piece of art in the mail! Mail it or frame it, a Fabric Post Card is easily made from small fabric remnants & a fusible stabilizer. If you can iron, you can create a Fabric Post Card. These are so quick and easy, you will probably want to make more! (Stabilizer and fabric remnants will be provided. Please bring a glue stick, scissors and iron. Optional - needle and embroidery thread. Free.)
Hiking -Join Patty Garrott (alternate Ginny Allison) for a hike in Gerton. (No experience necessary. Free.)
Painting - Shonnie will lead a group to a studio in town for painting on canvas (similar to painting with a twist. (Details coming soon. Some cost - No more than $10)

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9:00 am09:00

Car Care

9:00AM • Covenant Parking Lot A great way to serve those in need in our congregation & community. No car repair skills required (though there are ways to serve if you do have them). Help change oil, manage paperwork, or simply visit with those receiving help. Contact Kelly Houston at ksaqha@aol.com to volunteer or to request service.

9:00 am09:00

InAsMuch United - Haywood Street Work Day

The week of May 12-21, congregations of all faiths and sizes will come together to serve across Buncombe County. Our Covenant family will participate in this week of service through serving our Haywood Street brothers and sisters on May 13th. There will be multiple projects to choose from. Please let us know which ones you would be interested in.

Unless otherwise noted, projects begin at <b>9 AM</b>. After lunch we will focus on cleaning up and finishing the painting project and Rise Against Hunger meal packaging.

Project Descriptions:

Rise Against Hunger - This is an international hunger relief organization that distributes food and life-changing aid to the world's most vulnerable. Sign up for either:
• Set-up & Packaging - 10 People Needed - Arrive at 8:30AM and help unload the truck, then set up the meal packaging stations and help package (Both heavy and light lifting opportunities available).
• Packaging & Clean-up - 50 People Needed - Package meals and help clean up. (Kid Friendly)

Gardening & Campus Clean-up - 30 People Needed - Help with weeding, planting, and other beautification projects for the outside of the church. (Kid Friendly)

Painting - 15 People Needed - The Outfitter's Clothing Closet needs a face-lift so our friends have a nicer environment to shop in! Come ready to clean and paint. 

Kitchen Cleaning & Hospitality - 10 People Needed - Help to deep-clean the kitchen in the morning, set up for lunch, and then clean up from lunch.

Bathroom Renovations - 5 People Needed - Help us improve our bathrooms next to the dining rooms so that our friends have a nicer space. Great for people with carpentry skills!

6:30 pm18:30

Night of Prayer

May 2 | First Tuesday: Night of Prayer 6:30PM • Worship Center This first Tuesday will be a little different. MaryAnne Eldridge was recently diagnosed with cancer and has been told that she has six months to live. We will hear her testimony, pray for her and invite others to be prayed for as well.

8:00 am08:00

Men's Fellowship Event

All Covenant men are invited to a time of food and fellowship. Join us for breakfast at 8:00AM, then choose from the activities below. Kids are welcome to join. Parents are responsible for choosing age-appropriate activities. 

Hiking - Ryan Robertson will lead a group on a hike with low-moderate terrain within 10 miles of the church. (No experience necessary. Free.)
Fishing - Darrell Poole will lead a group to Cane Creek to go fishing. (No experience necessary. Free, but please provide your own supplies.)
Mountain Biking - Adam Bartsch will lead a group Mountain Biking. Please bring a bike. (Some experience necessary. Free.)
Skeet Shooting - Tad Tadlock will lead a group to a gun range for shooting skeet. ($60 Fee. Guns are available to rent.)
Movie - The movie Creed will be shown at the church. (Free)

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6:00 pm18:00

Students Mountaintop Worship

It is impossible to live in Western North Carolina and not notice the beautiful scenery. We want to take advantage of the views and gather for mountain-top worship where students can focus on God’s creation through worship, prayer, and devotion.

7:00 am07:00

Easter Sunday Service

Sunrise Service – Join us around the fire for an early opportunity to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.  

Regularly Scheduled services will still be held.

No Covenant Students Programming.

9:00 am09:00

Palm Sunday Service

Celebrate with Covenant Kids as we start off Easter week by remembering Jesus as king through a processional of palms. Please drop your children off in their regular small group rooms.

6:00 pm18:00

Kids Serve! Room in the Inn

Various serving opportunities will be available for you and your children to participate with Room In the Inn. For more information or to participate, please contact Ginny Allison at ginny@cccasheville.org.

8:00 pm20:00

Students Letter Writing Party

Students Letter Writing Party After Students Worship & Small Groups • Worship Center For students going to the Nashville Mission Trip. If you are writing support letters be sure to show up. Cards, envelopes, and pens will be available. Please bring addresses of letter recipients.

Mar 26

Room In The Inn

Once a year, our Covenant family comes together to host women in need of shelter in our church building. Dinner is provided each night along with fun activities by small groups and volunteers from our congregation. Volunteer sign-ups begin February 12th in the lobby. For more information contact Lisa Hoblitt at lisahoblitt@outlook.com.

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Mar 11

Covenant Students Lock-In

Drop off your 6th-12th grade student at the church on Friday night and pick them up Saturday, March 11th at 9am. There will be snacks, games, fellowship and opportunities for spiritual growth.

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6:30 pm18:30

First Tuesday: Night of Devotion

This is an acoustic service of singing, prayer, and devotion.  You will hear a word of encouragement designed to remind us of who God is and why we worship Him. Childcare for 5 and under provided.

12:00 pm12:00


If you’re looking to get involved in a small group, head over to Connection Corner after second service and you will have the opportunity to meet others and get plugged into a group! If you can’t make it but still want to be part of a group, please email ryan@cccasheville.org.

6:30 pm18:30

First Tuesday: Night of Meditation

This is a quiet and reflective service of prayer and healing.  We create a safe and sacred space for people to experience the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives.  Please join us if you, or someone you know, is in need of physical or spiritual healing. Childcare for 5 and under provided.